Smells can be another deterrent to buyers.  And, it doesn't matter if it is a pleasant or an unpleasant one!

Have a trusted friend, with a very sensitive nose, visit your home to give you his/her honest opinion.  You get used to the way your home smells and won't notice anything.  But some buyers have a VERY sensitive sense of smell and can be easily "tunred off" by your home because of odors.  Whether they are pet, cooking, or just a musty odor, they need to be addressed.

Taking pet food bowls and litter boxes out of the house for showings can be helpful.  At a minimum, clean them on a daily basis.  Reduce the cooking of very aromatic foods, if you can.  But, if you can't, make sure to run the vent fan while cooking and if weather permits even open a window or door to allow fresh air into your home.

Also use a scent that neutralizes odors and not one that covers them up.  If buyers notice a heavy deodorizer smell that makes them wonder what you are trying to mask.  It is OK to use a little potpourri but use one with a clean,light scent.  I have wallked into more than one house that had air fresheners in every room, we were overpowered by the smells and had to go outside for fresh air.  You definitely don't want that to happen on one of your showings!

Light, clean aromas are fine but stay away from the heavier cinnamon and clove ones.  Those fragrances can trigger some allergies and you don't want your house to be remembered as "the one we had to leave so we could breath" house!

Some cleaning supplies can be overpowering as well.  Just be aware that many buyers have very sensitive olefactory systems and you must be very aware of the odors your house emits.