Your front entry door can be an area that you easily neglect.  Most of us don't use the front door on a regualr basis so we really don't think about it often.  But, this is where your buyers will get their first impressioin of your home.

Their agent will be accessing the key and unlocking the door and while this is ocurring the buyers will just be standing there looking around.  Make sure what they are looking at is appealing.

So go outside and prepare to enter your front door.  Stand outside the door and just look around.  What do you notice?  Does it need a fresh coat of paint?  Is the area clean and inviting?  Do you have holiday decorations of a long past holiday still displayed?

Is the lock and door handle fresh and clean or is it sun-faded, dated or hard to open.  Something so simple and easily updated will set the tone for a showing.  You want to do everything in your power to make that first impression very welcoming to potential buyers.

A fresh coat of paint to the front door and trim, a new door handle, a cheerful door mat and some seasonal decor can all go a long way in makeing buyers feel welcome and "at home".  And, isn't that the frame of mind you want them in as they cross the threshold into "their" new home?